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A group of severe privilege escalation vulnerabilities existing in the wild for about 25 years

Greg's Wiki 🧠

A lot of great articles teaching good practices and how to avoid pitfalls


A linter to check your shellscripts. Extremely useful

Explain Shell 🐚

If you have wondered how a fork-bomb or any similar obscure command is parsed and executed

GNU Bash Manual

Perhaps the most comphehensive manual out there

Everything you need really.

Shell Style Guide

Google's style guide for shellscripts

Bash Pocket Guide
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Concise little pocket reference

UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook
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Linux Command Line & Shell Scripting Bible
Amazon affiliate product

Great for beginners. New edition is on the horizon

A Full List of All BS4 Classes

Textfile with all classes available in BootStrap4

Pretty Printed

Flask, Django, Python and more. He also has a handful of free mini-courses on topics such as SQLAlchemy and Flask.

Brilliant tutor.


A collection of thousands of git-repositories from individual users

You properly know it

On undoing, fixing or removing commits

When you got a mess on your hands, this article might help you out

For when you mess up

Squashing Commits

A little guide on how to squash commits in Git

Interactive Git Tutorial

Much more than branching...

Use it to learn Git

Git Documentation

Through and good documentation

World Wide Web

The first website ever. Published in Aug. 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee; this is what the Internet looked like at the beginning

Incredible 😎

W3 RFC2616

A description of the HTTP status codes

HTTP Statuses

An overview of the various HTTP statuses with descriptions of each

JQuery Website

The official website for JQuery - the best documentation out there

Caveats of Markdown

A very detailed breakdown of various aspects

Worth a read

Nano Official Website

The official website for Nano


Perhaps the best password manager out there. Easy to use and plain-dead simple

Extreme Privacy: What It Takes to Disappear
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Written by an expert on the topic (Michael Bazzell)

Smartphone/webcam Camera Blocker
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Faraday Bag for Your Devices
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Yubikey 5Ci
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The Art of Invisibility
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Details his years as FBIs most wanted hacker.

Written by Kevin Mitnick

Ghost in The Wires
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Mitnicks year as a phreaker

By Kevin Mitnick

Phishing Dark Waters
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Great and very interesting read about phishing

Microphone blocker
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Useful for important meetings

Yubikey 5 NFC
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OSINT Framework

A huge collection of resources to use when doing OSINT investigations

Intel Techniques

A truly exceptional resource for OSINT investigators


Discover various online devices (IoT, thermostats, printers, cameras)

Have I Been Pwned

Search email addresses to see if they have been involved in any known data breaches

Social Analyzer

API, CLI & Web App for analyzing & finding a person's profile across 350+ social media websites

Python Official Website

The official website for Python - the best documentation out there

Regular Expressions
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Great addition to your library - very through book

How to Exit Vim

The most complex ways of exiting Vim.. and some of the simplest; but that is no fun!

Be warned: some of these methods may destroy your system.

Vim Koans

Carved into stone tabulas at a time when day was dark and matter was void; this wisdom will surely bring enlightenment upon humanity

Vim cheatsheet stickers!
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Stickers to put on your keyboard! Neat tool for learning Vim

Practical Vim
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